A yellow Meeple piece on a Carcassonne tile

There's Always Time to Play

One of the more pleasurable things one can do in life is to sit down with a group of friends and play boardgames. Good boardgames, however, can take up to two hours or even longer to play and often need more than two people playing. I'm lucky in that an ever growing group of friends has allowed me to organise their busy schedules in such a way that we can regularly meet to play boardgames.

To find out how often and when we meet to play, look at the When We Play page. To find out what sort of games we like playing, go to The Games We Play page and to find other gaming groups or to find out where to buy games look at the Essential Contacts page.

Would you like to join us?

If you live in Auckland, or are visiting Auckland on the right weekend, and would like to join in a game or two, please contact me and we'll arrange things. We have a mailing list as well. I usually find though that people like to come along at least once first and decide if they like playing these sort of games with these people before being subscribed to a mailing list.