A yellow Meeple piece on a Carcassonne tile

Oh What Fun It Is To Play a Game

(or two, or three...)

How Frequently and For How Long do we Play?

Boardgames are a lot of fun. Many of them, however, require more than an hour and more than a couple of people to play them. Some take a good four to eight hours to play and need at least six players. Unfortunately, these are also some of the really good games to play and I've found that, in my busy life, the easiest way to allow this enjoyment to happen to me is for me to plan a regular time to do it. I've been lucky in finding some other people who also enjoy these Boardgames and have been willing to let me add another schedule to their also busy lives.

We meet regularly on the following basis:

The evening sessions go from 7pm until about 11pm at the latest. The afternnon sessions are from 1pm until 5pm and people are asked to bring along some nibbles and drinks to share. The full day sessions start at 9am and go until 6pm and people are asked to bring along food and drinks for a shared lunch

The all day session we try to devote to one long Boardgame, though often we're equally happy playing a couple of games of medium length. The afternoon and evening sessions on the other hand are when we play a range of games, from really short ones to games that take between two and four hours. Often there are sufficient people to have two games going at the same time.

Would you like to join us?

If you live in Auckland, or are visiting Auckland on the right weekend, and would like to join in a game or two, please contact me and we'll arrange things. We have a mailing list as well. I usually find though that people like to come along at least once first and decide if they like playing these sort of games with these people before being subscribed to a mailing list.