a photo of Charles Grinter

How I can help you

What celebrations can I help you with?

I am experienced as a public celebrant in a range of occasions, especially:

My Commitment

I will work with you to ensure that your occasion meets your needs and will be a truly special memory for you. I will:

An Inclusive Occasion

I am committed to ensuring that public celebrations are inclusive celebrations. I will do my best to include all, irrespective of differences in culture, belief, or sexual orientation. I am an active member of Auckland Community Church, an independent non-denominational Christian community that especially welcomes those who are gay, lesbian, bisexual, trans, their families and their friends.

Am I expensive?

Most people want to know how much I charge. I don't charge a fee for this important service to my community. Mind you, if you want me to incur significant expenditure on your behalf, then I will negotiate appropriate reimbursement with you beforehand, subject to the usual requirements such as production of receipts etc. If you would like to enquire further about how I am able to assist you, please contact me.