A Coffee Mill


I enjoy tea just as much as I enjoy coffee. While I normally drink coffee in the morning, for the colour and aroma of course, tea is my drink of choice in the afternoon and evening. I prefer to use loose leaves in either a pot, preferably glass, which I find produces a cleaner taste, or an infuser.


In Auckland, we are very lucky to have Tea Total in Milford, a truly superb providore of teas. My favourite teas are full leaved black teas, GFOP being a favourite grade, or of course, FTGFOP (commonly known as 'Far too good for ordinary people'). I like the Chinese Gunpowder style green tea as well. I also enjoy scented teas, especially Jasmine and Earl Grey Blue Star. Earl Grey teas are of course scented teas flavoured with bergamot oil and I find that Blue Star scented tea compliments the bergamot nicely. I have a nice tippy GFBOP Assam tea (Zaloni) that I like as well. And when I need a cup of tea later in the evening, then Lapsang Souchong is my tea of choice.


I prefer my caffeinated teas to be weak. My herbal teas, on the other hand, I prefer to be well infused and I often drink a herbal tea with the tea bag still in it. Chamomile, Rosehip, Ginger, Lemon and fruit teas are my favourites, though in the past year I came across a liquorice tea called Black Adder that I really like also. This last is a perky little variety manufactured by Red Seal and contains liquorice root, fennel, peppermint and aniseed. It's yummy and stimulating. Well, to be more precise, it's yummy if you belong to the select portion of the population that likes the rich aroma of liquorice.