The Poet's Feline Muse

"Faith is a bird that feels the dawn breaking and sings while it is still dark" - an ancient Scandinavian saying.

The dusk of day
deepens into
densed darkness,
packed with unknown
fears and stresses
and the birds drowse
drinking in sleep,
till they tingle
with the dawntune.
Ah! that dawntune!
Not yet able
to be perceived;
yet already
thrilling with the
first felt tremors
of its coming.

Sing slumbering song!
Break, wake, and shake!
With faint fingers,
tenderly touch
with your tendrils
of light so light.
Wake with quiet
caresses sweet
and let the dark
fall with the dew
and lie down in
humble homage
beside your feet.
We just begin
to feel, to sense,
your arrival
in our presence.
Now let us sing!

© Charles Grinter 1999