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Websites that will help with preparing celebrations

The Official Links

The Legislation is here: search under Civil Union Act 2004 and Relationships (Statutory References) Act 2005.

The all important Department of Internal Affairs webpages on Civil Unions and the necessary forms.

Other Civil Union Celebrants

I think that it's really important for you to know about the other options available to you so that you may make an informed choice. The full and official list of Registered NZ Civil Union Celebrants is on the Department of Internal Affairs site. I personally wish to recommend two other Celebrants, who are friends of mine and whom I know will be both sensitive and caring as well as competent: Mark Hangartner and Sue Neal.

Resources for Ceremonies

There are a variety of resources available online to assist you with planning your celebration. I also have a range of other resources which I may consult when assisting you in your planning. Here are some of the online references that may be more relevant for your needs: